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Books With Soul®. 


Books with Soul ™ was inspired from a lover of music and life,  who believed in the soul. He had a collection of wonderful things. Physical memories you could read, touch, and listen to- including thousands of vinyl albums. Old school music, that lasts forever. In 2018, he passed away from brain cancer, but his memory lives on as others go old school. Collect pieces of your history, put pencil to paper, and record written memories. A physical book will not be lost in the cloud, and will last longer than a lifetime.

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Help us celebrate our Five Year Anniversary!

Wow! Happy Birthday Books with Soul®    Three years ago Books with Soul® was introduced to the world with 30 gift books on Amazon. Three years later we have 400+ books. Books With Soul® is available on Amazon and select books are also available on:, Barnes & Noble, Specialty shops, LuLu and independent shops. Check out all our titles on Amazon and scroll through the covers.

Collect Your Memories

Books with Soul believes in sharing gifts that inspire and motivate others to create memories and keep a record of the story of their life. What if… you had a record of your memories or someone you loved? INSPIRATION COMES IN ALL SIZES, SHAPES AND IDEAS

We believe every life is worth a few written words to pass on or reflect on in the future. You don’t have to be an author to tell the story of your life. Just be you.

Get your Glow on with the new series, The Sparkling Adventures of Glowy the Fish 2023

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Free Healthy Habits Journal

Make this year different. Create a plan, reflect on positivity, reflect on gratitude and more.

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