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  • Anita Smith

Who is Seaside Writer?

Sea of Cortez, I took this photo from a boat.

If you're reading this, can I tell you that I think you're awesome. Seriously, REALLY awesome. Why? Well, this is my third blog post on my brand new blog called Seaside Writer. I'm not sure how you came to find it, but I think you are incredible. This blog is for anyone who ever wanted to write and publish a book. Or just write a book I guess, but why write one if you can't share it. I mean that is the secret to writer's right? We write, so you can read our creation. We write so we can make our readers feel something.

Well, maybe that's me. I love to write fiction that keeps you up late at night. I love to write travel articles that make you want to pack your bags as fast as you can, and go experience a wonderful off the beaten spot. I'm passionate about travel, the water, and books I can't put down. I love to write twisty beach reads that take you away to the ocean or a beach, or better yet an island. Yes, I love islands.

Yep, that's me a seaside writer, which means the majority of the year I live by the sea in a charming small town in Mexico, and write. Yes, I feel blessed to work remote from the gorgeous Sea of Cortez, and I want to share the sea with my readers and my writing journey.

This is just the beginning of my Seaside Writer's Blog and I'll share more of my journey as we go along. But, if you ever wanted to write a book, I'm here to motivate you, share the tools of the trade I use and some pretty epic pictures of life on the sea.

Thanks for reading to the end, again YOU are AWESOME.

And if you like Instagram can follow me @seasidewriter.

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